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icoAuxpecker Studio is an easy and free solution to get a pleasing realtime preview of objects directly on the viewport of Rhino3D v5.0. It is simply based on the use of environment maps,texture, ecc; making viewport objects reflect in ways that reproduce / approximate the look of various materials.

This technique is not meant as a preview for rendering in association with any render engine. It is a stand-alone method for communicating very pleasantly, in realtime, projects to your client.
Auxpecker Studio comes with a complete collection of material maps and a plug-in for Rhino 5.0 allowing you an easier selection and us of the maps.


  • new maps redefined and expanded
  • new GUI
  • new menu
  • image capture
  • management of the transparency
  • management of the reflection
  • management of soft colors of the background
  • Modification of the materials and rescue
  • compatibility with neon (shadows and reflection)
  • New display settings
  • check for Updates
  • possibility of applying the material to the level
  • VideoMaker
  • Export / import of materials

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